Value $ Canna CFO LLC is not just an accounting/bookkeeping firm. Rather, our mission is to honor the service, art, sacrifices & life of SSGT John Michael Wayne (1984-2023); Recon Marine, Marine Raider, Point Man & team leader. Our goal is to help our clients instill his qualities of service, sacrifice, commitment, discipline & hands-on leadership.

We are committed to veterans’ mental health and will actively & consistently strive to be an educational source to identify & help remove the barriers, the resistance to a much greater on-going national priority to ensure VA access to medical cannabis to help treat the trauma to the heart, mind & soul that 150+ highly kinetic and deadly combat missions can cause.

For years, we thought we were losing 22 veterans a day to suicide. Tragically, newer research studies that quantify and incorporate unreported suicides are now estimating the actual number may be approaching 50 per day. If so, that's a number that equates to approaching 20,000 tragedies annually.

Medical cannabis to help treat acute combat-induced PTSD & TBI continues to advance going forward, but we need so, so much more priority attention to prevent these tragic outcomes to those who gave their all for the rest of us. We will do all we can to help remove barriers that prevent our brave veterans from getting the help they so badly need and have earned on our behalf, and, to further the goals of diversity, inclusion & equity in the cannabis industry; including & especially removing barriers to veteran ownership of cannabis enterprises.