Forensic & Valuation Services

Overland Park Cannabis Forensic & Valuation Services

Begin with and keep the end-game in mind….

Maximizing the enterprise value and investor ROI of your cannabis venture is why you exist. Maintaining this critical on-going long-term perspective is how you align your organization, your team members with the interests of your capital providers; including both ownership as well as debt providers. Their perspectives, needs and concerns must always remain top of mind. And managing the daily operations to what drives value contributes to the vital transparent priority focus on what truly matters most.

As your Chief Enterprise Value Coach & Teacher, Value $ Canna CFO LLC builds and helps maintain the models, we transparently share the critical value driver KPI industry & competitive comparative dashboards with your team, we translate them to meaningful metrics at the “local” level, and we help you align the immediate term demands with the overarching goal to maximize the end-game value you’re risking everything to achieve. Our ValueRange diagnostic KPI dashboards ensure you’re on top of your critical numbers as needed, when needed and delivered via high-impact graphical visual imagery that very efficiently and transparently provides the priority focus you and your team members must have.

ValueRange is built upon a very solid, four-pillar foundation that provides the multi-dimensional perspectives at both a global, enterprise-wide level but also at a very granular local level as well:

  • Liquidity & efficiency
  • Profitability
  • Solvency
  • “Soft driver” intangible & organizational critical drivers:
    • Quality of sales, customer service metrics & quality of served market trends
    • Marketing analytics
    • People performance indicators & culture quality barometers
    • Concentrations & dependencies
    • Capacity utilization & cycle times

Forensic Services

When financial transactions and investment deals fail to meet expectation, quite often litigation ensues. You can find yourself becoming consumed with the time, emotional and financial burdens of lawsuits. In numerous complex financial and commercial litigation cases, we have served as testifying and consulting experts in a variety of highly challenging, often nebulous situations. Our forensic accounting, business valuation and investigative experience and expertise, when combined with a practice specialty focus 100% riveted on the cannabis industry ideally positions Value $ Canna CFO to be a premier provider of litigation support and expert witness contributions. Our other service suite offerings help to prevent exposure to litigation but once exposed, there is not a more qualified expert available to tackle the inherent complexities of litigation; either as a consulting or a testifying expert within the commercial cannabis space.