About Us

Value $ Canna CFO LLC is your value coach, teacher & preacher. Our services are anything but one size fits all, cookie cutter, off the shelf standardized “hacks”. We painstakingly make sure we recognize, empathize with, and understand your pain points & concerns. Freeing the mind, with the end in mind, helps cannabis business owners, and their capital and financial partners have confidence, the financial oversight, the regulatory compliance assurance, the financial & operating reporting, and the critical internal controls are in place and functioning.

Too often, a financial crisis triggers the first enterprise value engagement. With an industry still wrestling with the illicit black market and a complex legal/regulatory environment, the impact when trouble hits can be acute and swift. Federal illegality, a highly complex and fragmented market structure, & cannabis financial market constraints intensifies the hurdles to overcome when crisis strikes.

As your most trusted financial co-pilot, Value $ Canna CFO LLC calms and frees your mind from worry about what financial surprises might be soon fast approaching.

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After a diverse career spanning 15 years in Big 8 public accounting/consulting and private industry, I took my own original entrepreneurial leap of faith and founded IronHorse LLC in 1998. I’ve never looked back ever since.

Over the past 25 years, we diversified and expanded the IronHorse service offering into forensic and valuation services, litigation support, and CFO services. Our complementary practice specialty focus has enabled IronHorse to deliver an unmatched solutions suite to our entrepreneurial business owners, their capital providers as well as the legal community. This Always Beside You client partnership model provides a tried and true, tested foundation for Value $ Canna CFO LLC to deliver the same highly responsive and personalized client service to the cannabis industry while ensuring a superior solution, delivered quickly and economically every time to cannabis business owners and their investor, financial and legal allies.

Rest assured, I am 100% committed to serving the cannabis community with passion, with a deep desire to honor the service and life of Ssgt J. Michael Wayne and all combat veterans who continue the fight every day to battle the wounds and heavy burdens to their soul.

At our core, we are dedicated to being life-long cannabis industry learners and students and this pledge to being THE premier provider of cannabis financial and enterprise value expertise means you have a highly qualified coach, teacher and mentor for you and your team as we partner up on our wild ride journey together.