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Value $ Canna CFO is your value coach, teacher & preacher. Our services are anything but one size fits all, cookie cutter, off the shelf standardized “hacks”. We painstakingly make sure we recognize, empathize with & understand your priority pain points & concerns.

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Cannabis Industry CFO Services

coachValue $ Canna CFO LLC brings your numbers to life; we share the stories behind your financials, and we present them aligned to your critical cannabis enterprise value drivers, so you know with confidence where you’ve been, where you stand, and the potential hurdles and barriers to your desired go-forward path to success.

Freeing the mind, with the end in mind helps cannabis business owners, their capital and financial partners to have confidence the financial oversight, regulatory compliance assurance, financial & operating reporting, and critical internal controls are in place and functioning.

Our ValueRange dashboards timely deliver the critical alerts, operational & financial metrics, value driver financial and operating reporting essential to avoid & quickly mitigate the inevitable triggering events that so often feels like a bolt of lightning. We are your sole, one-stop source for financial and operating insights, value indicator competitor & industry comparatives, financial oversight, and regulatory compliance assurance.

Always Begin With and Keep the End Game in Mind

As your most trusted financial co-pilot, Value $ Canna CFO LLC calms and frees your mind from worry about what financial surprises might be approaching. Call us today at (913) 283-7442 or request a free consultation online to learn more about how we can help your business bloom!

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